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PTO meeting minutes for September 18, 2012

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PTO Meetings for September 18, 2012

Attendees:  Sue Roy, Kristin Johnson, Leigh Billing, Deb Randall, Julie Pomerleau, Kristie Michaud, Shannon Lowery, Betty Moore, Jennifer Hickey, Crystal Pelletier, Stacy Chilicki, Lisa Gorman, Qiana Qualls,  Matthew Qualls, Sharon Beckwith, Patti Chadbourne, and Ron Robert.

We began our first meeting with a meet and greet.  It was wonderful to see all of the friendly faces at our meeting.  We have some new faces.  Thanks to all for your involvement.

Treasurers report was done by Julie Pomerleau.  The balance on July 31 was $8, 665.23.  Deposits were $92 for school store sales.  Withdrawals were $1,776.80.  Withdrawals include pencil sharpeners, paper for PTO flyers, kid snacks, and planners.

Requests that were made included maintaining the grounds.  Betty Moore asked for a weed trimmer to help maintain the grounds.  She also requested an air compressor. We voted in favor of purchasing the air compressor and weed trimmer.  We also had a request to upkeep the garden.  This would include the garden in the back as well as along the building.

We discussed fundraisers.  Julie presented the discount cards that we are planning to sell.  We will be visiting local businesses in the hopes of getting discounts to benefit the card.  These cards will be valid for one year.  They will be sold for $10 each and the card holders will benefit by getting discounts at local businesses.  We need a minimum of 12 businesses and no more than 18 on the card. Julie asked if there were any people at the meeting who knew of businesses that may be interested.  If we sell 500 cards we will profit $4,600.  We plan to sell them at the Halloween Party and the  Santa’s Breakfast.  Julie asked for volunteers in approaching businesses.  We voted to buy 550 cards for $900 with the potential profit of $4,600.

Mr. Ellard will be doing art projects with the students.  This will be for Art to Remember.  Art to Remember is another fundraiser.   Heidi Chandlier heads this.  Look for the information to come home mid- October.  Gifts will be coming by Christmas.

The Halloween Party will be on Friday, October 26.  We are looking for volunteers during this party.  Lisa Gorman heads this event.  A flyer will go home at the beginning of October.  We ask  families for a bag of peanut free candy to put at the game stations.  There is a cost involved because it is a fundraiser.  It is a lot of fun.

The Santa Breakfast will take place at the community center.  The breakfast will be on Saturday, December 1. This is headed by Tracy Mason.  We are looking for volunteers to make this a successful event.  We need people to set up, clean up, cook, and serve.  It is a great community event.  We also need volunteers to visit businesses for food items.

Kristie Michaud is hosting an event through the Recreation Department .  This will take place on October 27. There will be a magician and a costume contest.  There will be pumpkin carving at the gazebo.  Information is posted on the website.  This will begin at 4pm.  On November 24th is the tree lighting.   Kristie is interested in working with the PTO this year.

Mr. Robert gave the principals report.  It was a great opening of school.  Sharon Butler is our new secretary.  It is imperative that  all of the students  have updated information in the event of an emergency and/or dismissal.  There are 350 children and many changes have been already been made through Infinite Campus.  It has been a priority for Mr. Robert and his staff to update this information.   There is also a new schedule designed around literacy blocks.  There is a 90 minute block for each classroom.  Every classroom has an educational technician during this block.  There is also a need for math volunteers.  Please sign up if you are interested.  Open House was a huge success.   There is more work being done electronically.  You will find more information on the website.  There is also an updated calendar.   Great job to the staff for all of their hard work.

The PTO wants to look at goals for money that is raised.  We want to be thinking of big ticket items that we would like to have for our students.  We want to inform parents and students what we are raising money for on each fundraiser.

The PTO wants to give $50 to classroom teachers and $25 to the specialists and interventionists. $1200 to $1800 for our staff.

PTO gives $6 to all 340 children to help with the cost of field trips. This will be about $2000.  We also give each child $5 for the book fair.   We voted to give each child the $5 again.  This will be about $1700.

We voted in a new chair.  Our new chair is Deb Randall.  Welcome  Thank you Shannon for all that you’ve done for the PTO as chair.  The bi-laws have been amended.  In order to become a board member you must attend a meeting or an event once every three months September through September.  All board members have met these requirements.

Mr. Robert had a request.  There was beautification done throughout the building.  The K swings were painted.  66 new hooks have been placed in the K wing.  The cost was around $400.  The PTO voted and paid for this cost.

We discussed continuing Box Tops.  The first submission will be October 31.  We need a new coordinator for this.  Leigh Billing, Kristin Johnson, and  Stacy Chilicki have volunteered to be help with box tops.  This is much appreciated.

Thank you everyone for attending .  Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 16 at 6:00.

Chair-Deb Randall

Treasurer-Julie Pomerleau

Secretary-Jenn Hickey

NBPTO Meeting Minutes – May 8th, 2012

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Attendees: Shanon Lowery, Cedar Lukacs, Lisa Gorman, Ron Robert, Arnold Davis, Sharon Beckwith, Kristin Johnson, Deb Randall, Stephanie Morneault, Nancy Hunt, Deb Kezar, Kristine Pennell, Mimi Bean, Sharon Beckwith, Tracy Mason, Megan Lambert, Heather Gray, Julie Pomerleau, Jacki Alwin, Patti Chadbourne, Scott Devoid, Jen Hickey

Principals Report:

Ron reports that it’s been a busy month! It’s always a busy month! He recently went on a 4th grade field trip to UNE where the kids got to learn about their animal rescue program, tour the labs and eat in the cafeteria.

Coming up next week is the North Berwick Reads night featuring themes from the book ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’. All students have been reading this book at school and are encouraged to attend with their families and even dress up as a character from the book!

May 16th thru 18th are Kindergarten Screening days – No Kindergarten these days.

It’s also time to work on classroom assignments for next year. There are many different factors that go into these decisions! Mr. Robert welcomes information and input from parents about what they feel their child needs in regards to teaching style, etc… With that in mind, specific teacher requests cannot be honored due to the many facets and constraints of this process.

Treasurer’s Report:

Scott reports that our balance is $13,358 which is an increase of about $2,155 from the last report. Deposits included Dutch Mill Bulbs and Boxtops. Withdrawals included Kindergarten T-shirts, approved requests and Babysitting. Scott also provided us with an updated cash forecast for the year and a fundraising event summary showing our profit and profit margin for the fundraisers we’ve done so far.

Yoga 4 Classrooms Presentation:

Lisa Flynn, the founder of ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms, came and presented information about her program. The Yoga 4 Classrooms program is a health and wellness program focussing on the whole healthy person and was piloted right in our own backyard, at Central School in S. Berwick. Yoga 4 Classrooms is a research-based, low-cost, fun and effective tool for teachers to use with their students for a peaceful and productive classroom. We are grateful to Lisa for presenting her program to us!


Lisa and Shanon presented a request for pencils and tissues totalling $ 200. Discussed and Approved.

Mrs. Pedersen is retiring this year and we discussed and approved what we will do for her.

There was a request for a reimbursement to the school for expenses related to the Bingo for Books night last month. The supplies and prizes cost $120. Discussed and Approved.

Lisa presented a request for reimbursement to Brenda LaFrance for the book ‘The Common Core Lesson Book, K-5’ for $30. Discussed and Approved.

Fundraisers :

Julie presented information on the Local Business Discount Card fundraiser. Lisa presented information on a Walk-A-Thon that would be held during the school day for 100% participation. Both of these fundraisers address things the PTO would like to encourage like giving back to your community and promoting healthy lifestyles. A committee has been formed for each of these and we approved the following fundraisers/events for the 2012/2013 school year:

Local Discount Cards

Halloween Party

Santa Breakfast

Art to Remember

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Bowling

Family Snow Tubing

Dutch Mill Bulbs


Voting for Board Members:

We came, we voted, we welcome our new treasurer Julie Pomerleau and our new secretary Jen Hickey!

We had nominations for all four Board positions, but due to a technicality in the By Laws, we were not able to accept the nominations for the two Co-Chair positions. Ron asked Shanon to continue in her seat as Chair for the September meeting and she said she would. The old and new board members plan to meet with Ron and work on this issue over the summer in hopes of bringing clarification to the By Laws in the fall.

Old Business/New Business/Discussion:

Lisa reports that Funtown/Splashtown is booked for Monday June 18th. Tickets are $22 and more info will come home in June.

Ride your Bike to School Day is being sponsored by the North Berwick Police Dept. and will be on June 1st. More information will come home soon.

Meeting Adjourned. Submitted by: Cedar Lukacs, NBPTO Secretary

NBPTO Meeting Minutes ~ April 9th, 2012

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Attendees: Shanon Lowery, Cedar Lukacs, Susan Willets, Lisa Gorman, Ron Robert, Churi Scott, Arnold Davis, Jen Hickey, Sharon Beckwith, Kristin Johnson, Stephanie Morneault, Nancy Hunt

Principals Report:

Ron reports that he was on a field trip today to Ferry Beach and it went very well.  There is also a 4th grade field trip to UNE coming up on May 4th.  The decision about what playground items to purchase is moving along, the Kindergarten kids are doing a lot of work around this and are being included in the process as much as possible!

Treasurer’s Report:

Scotts report says that our balance is $11,202 which is an increase of about $1027 from the last report.  Deposits included Daddy/Daughter Dance and Movie Night Popcorn sales.  Withdrawals included DDD supplies, Fire/Safety Drill bags, Boxtops postage and prizes, Annual Report Fee, and Babysitting. Scott also provided us with an updated cash forecast for the year and a fundraising event summary showing our profit and profit margin for the fundraisers we’ve done so far.

Event Recaps:

Family Movie Night went very smoothly.  It was a nice group of families and a great movie.  Thank you to Churi for pulling this great evening off without a hitch!

The Daddy/Daughter Dance was tons of fun!  It went very well with Ron in attendance and we had plenty of wonderful volunteers!  Thank you to all who helped and to Shanon for organizing this event!

The Easter Egg Hunt put on by the Rec Dept.  was well attended and we heard wonderful feedback on the event!

Upcoming Events:

Staff Appreciation week…all we can say is that our plans are being put in motion…don’t want to ruin the surprise!


There was a discussion about a request that will be brought in at the next meeting for some signage for the school.

Shanon presented a request from Melinda Luders for $260.15 for the 4th/5th grade Maine Student Book Award program.  The request covers rewards for students who participated in the program, raffle prizes, posters and books.  Discussed and Approved.

The PTO typically provides the incoming Kindergarten class with ‘North Berwick Bears’ T-shirts.  Mrs. Morneault said they would need about 60 shirts this year. Discussed and Approved.

Ron made a request for the purchase of a new whiteboard for the teachers room at the Primary School.  We discussed and approved up to $300.00 toward this purchase.

Fundraisers :

Julie could not attend the meeting, but did pass on some information on what she had come up with so far.  We discussed and threw out some other ideas.  We will hear more info and vote on what to do at our May meeting.

Board Member Openings:

We have 4 openings for the upcoming school year.  We discussed ways to get the word out to the general parent population.  If you or someone you know would be willing to help in this way, call, email or talk to one of the current board members!  We will be glad to discuss what each position involves and answer any questions you may have!

Old Business/New Business/Discussion:

Churi would like to run one more BoxTops campaign this year.  We discussed what the winning classrooms would get as their reward.

Ron made a note of some upcoming dates:

Special Olympics is coming to Eliot, ME on May 3rd.  We will have students competing that day and its a great event to see if you can make it.

The State of the School address will be held on May 10th.

North Berwick Reads is coming up on May 15th.

Kindergarten Screenings will be taking place May 16th to 18th and Kindergarten Info Night is May 21st.

Ride your Bike to School Day is being sponsored by the North Berwick Police Dept. and will be on June 1st.  More information will come home in May.

Meeting Adjourned. Submitted by: Cedar Lukacs, NBPTO Secretary

Meeting Minutes ~ March 13th, 2012

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Attendees: Scott Devoid, Shanon Lowery, Cedar Lukacs, Tracy Mason, Julie Pomerleau, Susan Willets, Lisa Gorman, Ron Robert, Churi Scott, Shelley Suttie, Jen Hickey, Amy Fuller

Principals Report:

Ron reports that he is busy working on getting things where he wants them to be within the schools including working with the Safety Committee to increase the safety in our classrooms , implementing curriculum changes and working on professional development for the staff.  He also reports that the kids are getting to know how to play Principal’s Kickball well and that the kids really enjoy getting to play this with him.

Treasurer’s Report:

Scott reports that our balance is $10,175 which is an increase of about $118 from the last report.  Deposits included Mother/Son Bowling, School Store sales and Chuck E. Cheese.  Withdrawals included the movie license for Family Movie Night and a payment for Slugger to come to an assembly and read to the students. Scott also provided us with an updated cash forecast for the year and a fundraising event summary showing our profit and profit margin for the fundraisers we’ve done so far.


There was a request for replacement fire-drill/emergency bags.  The cost would be $315 plus shipping to replace all the bags in both buildings.  These bags are used to keep emergency supplies and are important for the safety of all the students.  Discussed, voted on and approved.

Each year the PTO typically provides Student Planners and Homework Folders for the whole school.  This year we have enough left over folders for the upcoming year.  We would need to purchase 175 student planners and 10 teachers versions at a cost of $635.  Discussed, voted on and approved.

Rec. Dept. Easter Event:

The North Berwick Recreation Department is planning an Easter egg hunt/event for April 7th.  Kristie Michaud (Rec. Director for North Berwick) would like to collaborate on this event.  Ron will gather more details and more information will follow in a flyer or email.

Fundraising Committee:

We discussed various fundraisers and Julie and Lisa volunteered to research them and present at our next meeting.  Thank you ladies!

Board Member Openings:

We have 4 openings for the upcoming school year.  If you or someone you know would like to help in this way, email or talk to one of the current board members!


Lisa and Tracy brought in a proposal that would encompass appreciations for all staff during the week of Teachers appreciation week, this year it’s the week of May 7th.  We discussed doing this staff-wide appreciation each year instead of individual appreciations throughout the year.  Thank you Tracy and Lisa for putting this proposal together.  We voted on and approved what we will do during ‘Staff Appreciation Week’.


BoxTops:  Our spring submission exceeded our expectations and we earned over $700!  The winning classrooms were Mrs. Beckwith and Ms. Spofford and they earned an ice-cream party. Way to go!

Old Business/New Business/Discussion:

Ron informed us that the ‘Jeep’ structure on the Kindergarten playground does not meet safety standards and will need to be replaced.

Meeting Adjourned. Submitted by: Cedar Lukacs, NBPTO Secretary

Meeting Minutes ~ September 27, 2011

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Attendees: Shelley Suttie, Tracy Mason, Churi Scott, Deb Kezar, Susan Willets, Lisa Gorman, Nancy Hunt, Arnold Davis, Martha DoByns, Kristine Pennell, Shelley MacDonnell, Shanon Lowery, Julie Pomerleau, Jacki Alwin, Cedar Lukacs, Scott Devoid

Principals Report:

Shelley reports that it has been a busy and exciting start to the school year.  Our PBIS framework for school-wide behavior expectations / core values is really coming together for the whole school. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (www.pbis.org for more info).  This framework focuses on positive behavior reinforcement where the students know what is expected of them and are praised for fulfilling those expectations.  Using this framework, only about 15% of behavior related communication between staff and students would be redirecting or correcting.  We have seen improvements in behavior during school-wide meetings and used the framework to address a bus dismissal issue with positive results!  Our School’s core values are

Be Safe                                    Be Kind

Be Respectful                      Be Responsible

This year one of the schools major goals is to increase Differentiation in the classroom.  The staff has had a lot of professional development around this goal and Shelley has asked the teachers to set specific goals for their classrooms regarding Differentiation and Technology.

Shelley and Arnold Davis are working together to balance their time between the Primary and Hurd buildings.  Their goal is to have one of them at each building as much of the time as possible.

This year we have a new Structured Volunteer Program put together by Mrs. Caler & Mimi Bean.  The training for this program is coming up on October 18th.  We also have some opportunities from a Nellie Mae service learning grant for High School Mentors to come into our school and work with some of our students!

The 4th and 5th graders will soon have the opportunity to participate in the new Civil Rights Team.  Staff training is taking place this week.  It is the hope of the administration that this group will bolster the schools and districts anti-bullying.

Treasurer’s Report:

Scott reported that our balance is $7,933 which is a decrease of about $3,500 due to payments authorized last year.  This balance is consistent with previous projections.  Scott also provided us with a monthly breakdown of our projected cash balance for the upcoming year.

Upcoming Events/Fundraisers:

Little Caesar’s Pizza Kits:  Lisa Gorman is coordinating this fundraiser for us- Thank you Lisa!  Order forms came home already.  Orders are due back to school by Oct. 12th.  Pizza delivery will be on Oct. 26th.  Lisa will need a couple volunteers from about 1:00pm to 3:00pm and 3:30pm to 5:30pm that day.  Email Lisa or a board member if you are available.

Art to Remember:  Heidi Chandler is the coordinator for this great fundraiser – Thank you Heidi!  Art and order forms will be going home October 14th.  Orders will be due to the school by Oct. 24th and we will have our items in plenty of time for holiday gifts.

Feed the Teachers:  Susan Willets volunteered to coordinate this event – Thank you Susan!  Conference day is coming up on October 27th and the teachers truly appreciate all the yummy dishes our parents bring in for them!  If you have signed up to bring something, Susan will be contacting you in mid-October.

Halloween Party: This event is being coordinated by Lisa Gorman and Jacki Alwin – Thank you Lisa and Jacki!  And there’s always room for more, so if you are interested in helping out, just let Lisa or a board member know! It is scheduled for October 28th.  We discussed selling Popcorn and water like last year and put the word out that we will need many volunteers for this fun event.

BoxTops for Education:   Churi Scott has volunteered to coordinate these campaigns – Thank you Churi!  We discussed many ideas and settled on a contest where the top classroom from each school will win a popcorn party.  Collection sheets will be coming home soon, so save those BoxTops!

Scholastic Book Fair: Mrs. Kezar asked for the PTO’s help in getting more parents to attend the Book Fair this year.  The theme is ‘Reading is Out of This World!’ and Family night will be on Wednesday October 19th.  She suggested having an Ice Cream Social and we discussed various aspects of that. We decided that Mrs. Kezar will ask for an ice cream donation from Shain’s, supplies and time donations from staff, and that the PTO will fill in whatever else is needed: any extra supplies or some to help out that night.  The Book Fair provides funds that benefit the entire school population and promotes a life-long love of reading.

Staff Appreciation:

This topic was brought up to create discussion around the PTO’s role in teacher and staff appreciations.  There is not a set way the PTO always does things and this has created some confusion.  We discussed who the PTO should appreciate as well as when they should be appreciated.  We also discussed what appreciations should consist of in terms of money spent.  We voted on and approved the Bus Driver Appreciation gifts.

Programs Committee:

We postponed this topic until the next meeting.

Old Business/New Business/Discussion:

Tracy Mason (who is coordinating the Santa Breakfast – Thank you Tracy!) asked that we put the Santa Breakfast on the next agenda and quickly updated us on the plans for the Santa Breakfast.

Meeting Adjourned.

Meeting Minutes ~ May 17th, 2011

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Attendees: Shelley MacDonnell, Lisa Gorman,  Shelley Suttie, Tracy Mason,  Cedar Lukacs, Shanon Lowery, Heidi Chandler, Paul Lukacs, Arnold Davis, Sue Parshley

Treasurer’s Report:

Scott sent in a report that we had deposits for Box Tops, Spaghetti Dinner, Hannaford Helps Schools and the DDD this month.  We had withdrawals for Teachers Appreciation, Secretary & Nurses Appreciation, Picnic Tables for the playground, Kindergarten Tee Shirts and a donation to SARSSM.  That leaves us with a balance of $11,501 with Planners, some Field Trips, the Teachers Fund and Principals Awards still to pay for this year.

Funtown Tickets:

We voted to keep the price for this year at $21/ticket which is the price Funtown is charging us.  The date is set for June 23rd.

2011/2012 Fundraising:

We voted to approve the following fundraisers for next year and already got volunteers to run most of them:

North Berwick School Store                                          Family Snow Tubing

BoxTops & Labels                                                              Mother/Son Bowling

Little Caesar’s                                                                      Daddy/Daughter Dance

Art to Remember                                                               Dutch Mill Bulbs

Halloween Party                                                                 The Non-Event

Santa Breakfast                                                                    Apply for Target Field Trip Grant


Arnold Davis presented a request for up to $1,000 to book the ‘Primary Focus’ assemblies on character building for next year.  Voted on and approved.

Lisa presented a request for Mrs. Luders for $65 to purchase awards/prizes for kids who participated in the ‘Maine Student Book Award’ program.  Shelley M. recommended that we increase this request to $100 to give Mrs. Luders extra money to purchase more of the books for this program for next year.  Voted on and approved the $100.

Principals Report:

Shelley spent part of today interviewing for the new teaching position at the Hurd School for next year.  This position will keep the classroom sizes to a reasonable level next year

Shelley reports that our schools plan for the CIPS (Continuous Improvement Priority School) program is moving forward.  We have a lot of professional development upcoming for staff which will help our schools tremendously.

The P.B.I.S. behavior framework is in place in many areas and the Tier 2 aspect of the framework is now in development.

Shelley also reported that she and the PTO Board made a decision between meetings to approve about $1,000 for Planners and Folders.  This was discussed at our March meeting, but we forgot to vote on this at the April meeting and if we waited until May, we would have lost out on a 25% discount.  Shelley gave the okay and we went ahead with this between meetings because this is something we typically fund, no one expressed any opposition at the March meeting and the cost savings of the 25% discount.

Teachers Fund:

We discussed the logistics of this and voted to approve giving the classroom teachers, specials teachers and interventionists a set amount of money to spend on classroom needs for next year.

Meeting Adjourned

NBPTO Meeting Minutes – April 12, 2011

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Attendees: Shelley MacDonnell, Lisa Gorman, Scott Devoid, Shelley Suttie, Tracy Mason, Elva Lovejoy, Cedar Lukacs, Shanon Lowery, Heidi Chandler, Kristine Gagne, Heather Gray, Amy fuller, Nancy Smith-Jewell, Jenn Fargo, Martha DoByns, Paul Lukacs

Principals Report:

Shelley reports that our schools plan for the CIPS (Continuous Improvement Priority School) program was approved.  This means she can move forward with the improvements in the plan to help our school and students.

The P.B.I.S. behavior framework parent information night was well attended and very informative.

Shelley will continue to host the ‘Fireside Chat with the Principal’ evenings and the ‘Principal’s Coffee’ mornings. Both of these events are intended to provide relaxed, open communication between parents and Shelley, so come on out to one of these meetings and bring your questions/comments/concerns.  The next meetings are scheduled for May 9th @ 6:30 pm and May 11th @ 7:30am.

The results are in and our school did make AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) for this year (2010-2011)!  Our targets were 75% proficiency in Literacy and 70% proficiency in Math.  In order to make AYP for next year (2011-2012) our students will have to score 80% proficient in Literacy and 75% proficient in Math.

Today was the 5th grade field trip to Ferry Beach Ecology School and Shelley attended.  She reports that it was a great trip and the comments from students were extremely positive, so a good time was had by all J

Treasurer’s Report:

Scott reported that our balance is $12,130 which is an increase of about $1,590 from Daddy Daughter Dance and Dutch Mill Bulb deposits.  This year for fundraising we’ve grossed about $21,000 with $11,600 in costs for a $9,400 profit.  Scott also discussed the annual forms we are required to file under our 501(c)3  non-profit status.

Upcoming Events:

Spaghetti Dinner:  Scheduled for May 7th, plans are well underway and this is shaping up to be a wonderful evening.  Thank you to Heather Gray and Heidi Chandler for all your work on this event.   At this time they are looking for volunteers to help with the dinner and/or donate items needed.  If you would like to help, contact Heather @ 676-2232 or Heidi @ 233-7961


Kindergarten Tee-Shirts:  The PTO typically buys tee-shirts for the incoming Kindergarten class and this came up between meetings.  We went ahead and ordered those shirts at a cost of $360.00.  We ordered maroon shirts with the new logo on them

5th Grade Field Trip Money: Shelley reports that the 5th grade will not need the extra $300 we approved earlier in the year to help with the cost of their field trips.  They have raised enough money and will only require the $300 that each class normally receives.

Survey Review:

The PTO is planning on sending out and anonymous survey to gather information from parents and teachers.  We wanted to get some input on the survey and a draft was passed out and discussed.  We got awesome feedback from the group and some great ideas!  Look for this survey to come home after April vacation!  The survey covered several topics and sparked wonderful conversations at the meeting.

Fund Allocation:

The PTO has allocated $300.00 per grade for field trips in recent years and this year we did the same.  There has been discussion on this topic at many meetings because we have grades with differing numbers of students and there is concern that this may not be the best way to allocate our field trip funds.  The money from the PTO is used to cover the transportation costs for field trips.  Larger classes can require more than one bus, thus increasing the cost of transportation.  We discussed and voted unanimously to change the way we allocate our field trip funds.  We approved allocating $6.00 per student for field trips for the 2011-2012 school year instead of doing a set amount per grade.   If our enrollment stayed the same next year, that would translate to an increase of $150.00 total for the field trip funds the PTO provides.

Book Fair Money:

Last month it was suggested that we consider giving every student $5.00 to spend on books at the book fair in the fall.   If enrollment next year were the same, this would be $1,625.00.  We discussed this and unanimously voted to approve this expenditure as we felt it would benefit every student.

Old Business/New Business/Discussion:

Tracy reported on the research she kindly volunteered to do at the last meeting.  She went to several local businesses to find out if they would be interested in participating in a local North Berwick fundraising catalog or coupon book.  The responses she got from local businesses were very positive!  So…if we want to move forward with this local fundraising idea we will need volunteers to form a committee to put this in motion.  If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, please contact a board member!

Meeting Adjourned.

NBPTO Meeting Minutes – March 15, 2011

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Attendees: Shelley MacDonnell, Lisa Gorman, Arnold Davis, Shelley Suttie, Tracy Mason, Scott Devoid Cedar Lukacs, Shanon Lowery

Principals Report:

Shelley reports that her State of the School address went well and she has not heard from the board about the major requests she put into her proposed budget for next year (the biggest one being a new flexible 4th / 5th teaching position).

The P.B.I.S. behavior framework implementation is still ongoing at the schools; next week they will start the new expectations for recess.  Mrs. McCormick has been working hard with the children to teach them what the new expectations are for being safe at recess.  Shelley has seen behavior improvements across the board already with this new plan and the vocabulary of the new core values is becoming more widely used now by students and staff.  There is a parent night on this topic coming up on April 5th.

In regards to the CIPS status, Shelley has filled her parent volunteer slots on the improvement committee and the improvement plan will be submitted to the state on Friday.  Shelley has decided to make a more concentrated effort to be available to parents and has set aside some upcoming time for that purpose.  Shelley will be hosting three ‘Fireside Chat with the Principal’ evening meetings, the first of which is coming up on Monday April 4th at 6:30pm in the Primary Library.  She will also be hosting ‘Principal’s Coffee’ mornings starting with April 6th at 7:30am in the Primary Library.  Both of these events are intended to provide relaxed, open communication between parents and Shelley, so come on out to one of these meetings and bring your questions

Parent-teacher conferences are coming up next week and the North Berwick Subway called Shelley and offered to cater it free of charge!  So, our teachers will have yummy sandwiches available at lunch and all of the wonderful dishes our parents are donating to fill in their lunch and make a wonderful dinner!

Treasurer’s Report:

Scott reported the debits and credits to the account which left us with about the same balance as last month.  We’ve had some fundraiser deposits and also made some purchases. Scott also provided us with a working projection of estimated expenses and profits through next year and a summary of our fundraisers profits as well as projected field trip expenses.  Scott also reported that all of the paperwork for our 501(c)3 application has been submitted and we are just awaiting approval.  Scott suggested that we form a Grant Research Committee and we will put that on the agenda for the next meeting.

Upcoming Events:

Spaghetti Dinner:  We discussed the price for this event and came up with $5/Adults, $2/Kids and a Family Maximum of $15.

Soup Night to benefit Japan:  This will be organized by the school and happen in early April, funds will benefit Japan’s disaster victims.

Secretary’s Appreciation Day:  This is on April 27th. We discussed and decided on what we will get for Mrs. Pedersen and Mrs. Gorman.

Nurse’s Appreciation Day:  It was suggested that we participate in this.  We discussed and voted on what we would do for Mrs. Dorr.

Teacher Appreciation Day/Week:   We discussed and approved what we want to do for the teachers.

Fundraising Ideas for 2011-2012 school year:

Several ideas were discussed including:

Art to Remember – we had great success with this fundraiser this year and Heidi says it is easy and they are helpful.

Little Caesar’s – Lisa says this is an easy fundraiser and we had a great response to it in the fall.

Sea Dogs Discount Tickets – would need to look into this further

Subway Rewards Card Sales – would need to look into this further

Opt-Out (the Non-Event) – don’t have to sell anything or buy something, just give a tax-deductible donation

Close Buy Catalog – a new catalog that uses local vendors and offers environmentally friendly products that are locally made

North Berwick Merchants – discussed the idea of coming up with our own local vendors catalog.  Tracy will do some research with

local businesses to gauge interest and we will discuss further at our next meeting.  This would be

something we would need to form a committee  to research and create.

Old Business/New Business/Discussion:

Tracy reminded us that it’s time to put out the word about Kennebunk Savings Bank’s Customer Ballot donation program and we will put that info in the April newsletter.

Shelley S. suggested that we think about giving kids $5 to spend on books at the Scholastic Bookfair.  During discussion it was pointed out that some of our students don’t get to purchase a book during the fair.  We have 325 students this year.  The cost to do this would be $1625.00 and it would benefit every student in the school.  We will discuss further at our next meeting.

We discussed what to give the winning BoxTops classrooms and settled on a $25 gift card for each classroom.  This way the teachers can involve the students in the decision of what the reward will be.

Lisa brought up the need to start thinking about next year’s planners and folders.  She graciously offered to research these again this year and Shelley M. will find out which 2nd grade classrooms want planners vs. folders.

Our babysitters are no longer in need of community service hours, so we agreed to resume paying them at their previous rate.

Trivia Answer: NOrth berwick + Berwick + LEbanon = NOBLE!  Shelley M. won the trivia drawing. Congrats!

Meeting Adjourned.

NBPTO Meeting Minutes – February 15, 2011

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Attendees: Heidi Chandler, Cedar Lukacs, Martha DoByns, Tracy Mason, Shelley MacDonnell, Heather Gray, Scott Devoid, Lisa Gorman

Briefly reviewed the Code of Conduct

Principals Report:

Shelley reports that the school is in the process of implementing the new school-wide behavior expectations / core values using the PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) framework (www.pbis.org for more info). They have been implemented in the cafeteria for two weeks now with great success. Some of the changes are that the children are sitting at tables by class, Shelley has been eating her lunch in the Caf. and some of the teachers are eating with their class as well.  Shelley is pleased with how the new expectations are improving lunch time and has heard several positive comments from students about it too.  Expectations for students and staff are currently being developed for recess time and will be implemented next.  The PBIS framework has received positive feedback from other schools that have implemented it.  It focuses on positive behavior reinforcement where the students know what is expected of them and are praised for fulfilling those expectations.  Using this framework, only about 15% of behavior related communication between staff and students would be redirecting or correcting.

As outlined in a letter Shelley sent home earlier this month, our school has been identified as a CIPS (Continuous Improvement Priority School) by the State of Maine because all of our students did not meet AYP (adequate yearly progress) guidelines during the 2009-2010 school year based on NECAP (New England Common Assessment Program) scores and state standards.  The CIPS status will last for 3 years. It entitles the school to extra funding for professional development which we will focus on instruction and curriculum in reading and literacy. The CIPS status also requires us to develop a plan for improvement and offers us guidance from state consultants in developing it.  There is a team in place working on this plan.  Shelley is also putting together a parent volunteer group to look at what we can improve.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Shelley.  We will know on March 8th whether we made AYP for this year.  Some of the professional development that has already been scheduled is:

  • A training on test taking strategies for all teachers in April
  • A group of teachers will attend the ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) Summer Conference on classroom differentiation
  • In November some teachers will attend the 21st Annual Literacy For All conference

Shelley has also put in for another teacher for 4th/5th grades which would get our class sizes all below 20 next year if approved by the school board.

At the March 3rd school board meeting (7pm) Shelley will present her State of the School Address.  School board meetings are open to the public and there is always a time for community input.


Shelley requested the purchase of more “caught being good” coins as she has run out and some students are waiting to receive them to go with their BUG awards.  This was voted on and approved.

Shelly presented a request for the purchase of a multi-use white board for the Primary School library.  The School District installed a ceiling mounted projector with laptop/internet capabilities in the library recently as part of their ‘media center’ concept for the districts libraries.  The white board would serve as a screen for the projector as well as be of use as a dry-erase board for library and music class.  The board would be 4’-0” x 6’-0” and costs $332.  This was voted on and approved.

There was a request for Mr. Ellard who would like to purchase a case of small ketchup cups (like you get at fast-food restaurants) for an art project.  The case costs $54 and would last for 2 – 3 years.  We voted and approved this purchase.

Treasurer’s Report:

Scott reports that he received a response from the IRS requesting some additional language be added to the Articles of Incorporation of the PTO regarding where any funds would go upon dissolution of the organization.  The revision was made and approved by the Board.  Paperwork has been filed with the State of Maine to update the Articles of Incorporation and when he gets that back, he will forward to the IRS to complete the approval process for our 501c3 status.

Our account balance has increased $1,071.17 since the December meeting to $10,511.08.

Agenda Addition Request:

Next month we will be discussing how we allocate funds for field trips to each grade.

Board Member Opening:

Heidi’s term is ending and we will be looking for a new Co-Chair.  If you are interested or would like to nominate someone, please let a board member know.  Nominations will be due at the April meeting and we will vote at the May meeting.

Chuck E. Cheese:

This is all set for February 23rd from 3pm – 9pm at the Newington location.  Erica has received the information packet from them and notices will go home this week.

Mother / Son Bowling:

Lisa reports that we are ready for this fun morning on March 12th from 10am – 11:30am.  Sign up sheets will go home this week.

Dutch Mill Bulbs:

Heather reports that she has all the info she needs.  The company will not deliver the orders until after April 14th, so we discussed changing our dates and decided on sending this home March 25th with a due date of Arpil 4th.

Daddy Daughter Dance:

Shanon reports that this event is coming along well.  It is scheduled for March 26th.

Feed the Teachers:

Conference day is March 23rd and we are looking for someone to be the contact person for this low-key event.  Shelley will do a connect-ed call and put out a sign-up sheet at pick-up to help.  If you are interested in volunteering to coordinate this, please contact a Board member.

Spaghetti Dinner:

Heather reports that all of the weekends in April are booked at the community center so she was looking at May 7th and would tie it into Mother’s Day with a mom-oriented raffle item.  We discussed and she is going to book that date.  Donation letters have gone out and things are moving right along.

Fundraising Ideas: We are looking for fundraising ideas for next year.  Please bring any and all ideas to our next meeting or email/call any board member.  We will vote on fundraisers for next year at our April meeting.

Miscellaneous Fund for Teachers:

It was brought up that some of our teachers are spending their own money on needs for their classrooms like disinfecting wipes. We discussed setting up a fund where each teacher would get reimbursed up to a certain dollar amount for money spent on classroom supplies.  We also discussed getting the teachers gift cards to Staples and/or Wal-Mart instead of having the fund.  Shelley will get the teachers opinions on this and we will discuss it further at our next meeting.

Old Business/New Business/Discussion:

Martha reports that the Programs Committee has met and is working on recommendations for next year and one possible for this year.

BoxTops classroom winners are Mrs. Labonte and Mrs. Lovejoy.  We discussed what to do for the winning classrooms.

Meeting Adjourned.

Meeting Minutes – December 14th, 2010

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Attendees: Vickie Lagace, Lisa Gorman, Beth Jordan, Sue Parshley, Tracy Mason, Cedar Lukacs, Shanon Lowery, Amy Fuller

Principals Report: Shelley was not able to attend, but sent a report which Shanon read.

The choral concert was amazing and it was great to see everyone have a comfortable place to sit.  The kids really enjoyed performing in such a professional venue.  Plans for attending a Portland Pirates game have been put on hold while Shelley looks into whether the Portland Sea Dogs offer a similar program.

The school is in the beginning phase of developing school-wide behavior expectations, specifically looking at the cafeteria, hallways, recess, dismissal and bathrooms.  They are using the PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) framework in developing this plan.  They have already chosen some core values to base behavior expectations upon:

Be Safe,  Be Respectful,  Be Responsible,  Be Friendly and Caring.

The PBIS framework encourages a school-wide reward system focusing on catching the kids doing what is expected of them.  The coins and BUG awards tie in well with this because the students receive them unexpectedly.  As the rewards system is worked out, Shelley will share more information with us and may be looking to the PTO for financial support of a chosen reward system.

Treasurer’s Report:  Scott was unable to attend, but sent this information which Shanon read:

Our balance has increased $1,261 from last month’s meeting to $9,440. The primary activity was the Art to Remember fundraiser net profit of $1,368.  All invoices have been paid.  $3,759 of sales less $2,391 cost for 36% net profit margin.  Also, the Santa Breakfast net profit was $612.  $710 of receipts less $98 cost for 86% profit margin!  The 501c3 application has been submitted to IRS and we paid the $850 filing fee.  Scott will give a full update for January.  Hopefully we’ll have a response from the IRS to report then.

Santa Breakfast Recap: Shanon reports that it was a very fun, successful day!  We made more profit than in 2009 which may be partially due to the event running for an extra hour.  Many people thought extending the event worked in our favor in keeping the event busy, but not jam-packed.  The craft table was steadily busy but not too crazy and the kids loved it!  Doing the set-up/prep on Friday afternoon worked really well and went quickly.  We heard some lovely comments on the Santa too!  All in all, it was a great event.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered and made this event a success!

Little Caesar’s: Lisa reports that Little Caesar’s is having a Superbowl Sunday Promotion.  We are sending order forms home on January 10th and they will be due back to the school around the 21st.  She has requested a delivery around 2pm or 3pm in the afternoon at the Hurd School the first week of February.  She is waiting to hear back from them on a final date/time.  Thanks Lisa for your work on this!

Spaghetti Dinner: The date for this event is Saturday April 9th, 2011.  We put this on the agenda for this month because we are looking for someone or a couple of people to head up this event and we wanted to spread the word early.  This is a fun event and we are not doing the auction this year, maybe just a few raffle items.  Shanon and Heidi have experience with this event and would be happy share their knowledge with you.  So, anyone interested, please contact a board member.  Thank you!

Family Snow Tubing: Lisa brought up that we need to book this if we’re doing it and she is willing to contact them and work out dates and find out about the cost this year.  We hold this event at Seacoast Snow Park in Windham and we’ve tentatively scheduled it for February 12th.  We’ll send home a flier with information in mid-January.  Thanks again to Lisa for putting this together!

Old Business/New Business/Discussion:

Beth is working on her research on an ink/toner/cell/electronics recycling program and has contacted the person in charge of this program at the Knowlton School to gather information on how they run their program.  She will keep us informed of her findings.  Thank you Beth for taking this on!

Trivia Question Answered: The answer is 27 years and Shanon Lowery won the prize!  Congratulations!

Meeting Adjourned.